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About AIMS

Introduction of AIMS

AIMS Layyah Affiliated With GC Universty Lahore  is well recognized university in  Pakistan . with more than Five departments and many courses. You can Join Us For Your Bright Future.We are committed to excellence in academics, research and knowledge exchange.Grab your opportunity soon !!

Mr. Shahzain Raza

Campus Director Message

Aims is a dynamic seats of learning providing inspiring and stimulating environment for research , formal education and professional growth . Research output and quality of education of our institute in past has been phenomenal. this improvement is reflected in rapidly growing confidence of the social and business community of the region . One of the hallmarks of the institute is its innovative and up to date syllabi in accordance with the international standards. Our curricula inculcate creativity , objectivity and critical thinking . AIMS imports values of commitment to learning and professionalism . The students Develop confidence , adaptability and high level communication skills. Our institute offer a wide range of courses in the field of natural and Physical Science , Information Technology Engineering , and management & Business sciences , social science etc . This institute is striving hard to develop state of the art labs to produce quality research in every field . To provide the solution for the community problems a strong link between research and industry is a core phenomenon and to achieve this

Key Goals of AIMS

  1. To address national and global challenges , keys issues , & problems faced by developing nations.
  2. To offer solution daily life challenges.
  3. To innovate / discover things to facilitate mankind.
  4. To contribute in national and global economic growth.
  5. To participate in local and national planning machinery.

Vision of AIMS

Vision of AIMS affiliated with GCU Lahore aspires to among the leading institute , axcelleng in research learning , innovation and public service . the institute desire to elevate its potential through internationally recognize research work, contributing in national and global economic growth and participating in planning machinery of the country.


To provide assistance and guidance to students for making their career choices, academic planning and exploring future professions and placement opportunities. We organize various activities such as seminars , workshops  and  trainings for Career profile students & develop their communication skills.